Why join ESE

The ESE aspires at strengthening cooperation between supervisory authorities through the interchange of knowledge among training participants. ESE, thus, supports the concept of a joint supervisory training in Europe. The members of ESE believe that training is crucial to the success of financial supervision. We would appreciate if the ESE initiative could become an attractive option to join for any European supervisory institution committed to training. The initiative is open to new members who join on equal terms. As ESE will expand its potential by integrating existing training activities, developing new modules and programmes, and attracting new members, our mission to make a contribution to financial stability through improved training of financial supervisors will be highly rewarded.

There are various forms of cooperation with ESE starting with

  • Personal contributions to its programme (e.g. the delegation of officials for training),
  • The provision of local infrastructure for trainings (broader variety of locations),
  • The transfer of existing local training modules under the ESE umbrella, and
  • Full membership, which assures representation in ESE’s organisational structure and in decisions on programme development.

The specific form of cooperation with each potential partner will be defined together with ESE, and it could be established in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) reflecting the specific objectives of the joining party.