Morning session on supervision of Union cross-border payments rules and provision of the DCC services by banks


The program is designed to familiarize the participants with the currently discussed issues within capital markets with the emphasis on the supervisory issues.

This seminar offers participants from central banks and financial sector supervisory authorities an opportunity to review some of the recent regulatory changes concerning the capital markets area.

Furthermore, the seminar will give participants a deeper insight into the current theoretical and practical approaches, such as behavioural approach or social trading.

In the central part of the seminar, the participants will also get to know the currently discussed regulatory issues in MiFID2 and specifically secondary market issues.

Finally, the seminar will end with sessions where supervisory experience in the fields of investment services, investment funds and pension funds will be shared.

Participants will have a chance to discuss the capital market related topics on a broad basis in particular with supervisory experts from national competent authorities, EU institutions and authorities and to familiarize themselves with key regulatory and supervisory issues related to the products in question, discuss different approaches and share their experience.

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