Brandenburger Tor in Berlin ©JFL Photography / Fotolia

ESE Conference 2023: "Crisis! – The new normal for the financial system?" 7th Biennial ESE Conference

The Conference will be hosted by BaFin.   

For some years now, we seem to be living in a continuous state of crisis. The frequency and intensity of the challenges experienced appear to be rising, leaving the financial system less time to recover and thus increasingly impacting the global economy. How does the financial system cope with these challenges while additionally managing the digital as well as the green transformation? How can and did financial market participants, supervisors and regulators respond and act? Which solutions are available and what are the supervisory areas we have to work on in order to strengthen the resilience of the financial system and cope with this apparent mode of constant crisis?

In order to explore the dynamics and consequences of these developments, the European Supervisory Education Initiative (ESE) is bringing together senior supervisors, policy makers and industry representatives from Europe to discuss alternative approaches and provide latest insights and perspectives. Confirmed speakers include Mark Branson, President/BaFin, Kerstin af Jochnick, Member of the Supervisory Board (ECB representative), and other senior speakers from both supervisory and financial institutions.