Current and best practices in recovery plan assessment


The seminar introduces the participants to the main aspects of recovery plans. It starts off with an overview of the economic intuition and the main elements and approaches used with respect to recovery plans. Building on this, the seminar gives an overview of the legal and regulatory foundations. Subsequently, the seminar lays out specifics that need to be considered when dealing with smaller institutions. Day one ends with a hands-on case study for the participants and a subsequent discussion on typical challenges in recovery plans and how to overcome them. On the next day, Bank of England shares their experience on recovery planning in the UK and concludes with a final discussion on the main learnings from the seminar.

The presentations will also highlight peculiarities in dealing with bank specificities (size of the institutions, calibration of capital indicators and connection with the risk appetite framework of banks, IPSes, particular business models, …) and touch upon cooperation and cross-border aspects. The seminar is scheduled for 1 ½ days on June 03 and 04 in Vienna. Besides the content, it will also provide for ample opportunities for networking and getting to know each other.